Understanding Your Dog’s Life Stage Nutrition Requirements

Unsure of what to feed your dog to keep them healthy? Overwhelmed by all the options on the shelves? Trust us, we get it. Before you dig in too deep, the best place to start is with their age and life stage.

Puppy (Newborn – 1 years old)

Pups require different nutrients to develop into the healthy, happy dogs we know and love. A new puppy is a powerhouse of activity–requiring up to 4x more energy than adult dogs. All of this activity means they need high levels of fat, protein, and calories to fuel their day. Along with high fat and calories, puppies benefit from functional ingredients like DHA-rich foods to support cognitive health, bioavailable antioxidant minerals to support the immune system, and gut-healthy ingredients like pre and probiotics.

Adult (1-7 years old)

Once our pups grow into their adult selves, their nutritional needs shift. Instead of running around the house, they spend 50% of their day snoozing on the couch. To maintain a healthy diet, look for foods with lower calorie count and fat inclusions. The more calorific the food, the more energy it provides. If that energy isn’t used, you might find your dog looking a little rounder than usual. Adult pups can also benefit from functional ingredients like essential fatty acids to help support shiny coats and vitamins and minerals to keep their immune system strong.



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