What Can I Give My Dog For Joint Pain?

Joint pain is an unfortunate side effect of aging. Fortunately, there are many options available to help ease your pet’s joint pain.

  • Many vets now offer physical therapy for dogs recovering from injury or suffering from arthritis. Underwater treadmills are one of the tools they use to keep your dog moving. It helps strengthen supporting structures around painful joints and provides controlled exercise.
  • Though it’s been highly debated, acupuncture has been shown anecdotally to provide some pain relief.
  • Who doesn’t feel better after a massage? Along with physical therapy routines, veterinary massage is now becoming popular and is very effective in helping relieve aching joints.
  • Warm compresses are very helpful for providing relief. Do not use an electric heating pad, as these can create hot spots that may burn your dog’s skin. Instead, use a pillow or sock filled with dried corn or rice, which you heat in your microwave. The corn or rice helps distribute the heat and prevent hot spots.
  • If your home has stairs, you may need to provide ramps. If your dog likes to sleep with you, there are ramps available to allow them to easily climb in your bed without jumping.
  • Maintain a light exercise routine. Dogs become more sedentary with age, particularly if they have pain in their joints. However, this can lead to weight gain, which puts extra pressure on their joints.
  • Provide a soft bed to prevent extra pressure and stress on their joints.



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