What do I need for a Casque Head Iguana?

The Casque Head Iguana, also known as the Cone Headed Iguana or Basilisk, is a species found in tropical rain forests in Central America. As the name suggests, they have a crown on the top of the head and are usually bright green in colour, with brown stripes running the length of the body into the tail. They have a very long thin tail that can stretch to almost three times the length of the body. This tail is used in balance to enable them in their extremely agile behaviours. Although quick and nimble, they are tolerant of occasional handling.


The Casque Head Iguana is a very active lizard that requires a lot of space to move around. A minimum of 90 x 45 x 90cm should be provided to house a single adult, although bigger is definitely appreciated. This will provide good opportunity for horizontal movement as well as all-important arboreal habits.

To begin with, your enclosure will need a good quality loose substrate such as soil which will ensure moisture is held and will also provide the option of a live planted terrarium – much more natural and aesthetically pleasing. It’s also a good idea to think about drainage, consisting of a layer of hydro rocks, matting and then your substrate. This will stop the soil from becoming waterlogged and helps aid humidity in the tank by re-using the water that collects in the bottom layers.




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