What is Horse Colic? | 9 Amazing Tips to Support Your Horse

An understanding of colic is hugely important for horse owners. Colic remains a huge problem worldwide, with an estimated 10% of all horses suffering from this condition at some stage in their life. Recognising the early signs can set owners up with the skills and knowledge they need, to respond quickly to support their horses.

What is Horse Colic?

Horse colic could more simply be called ‘equine stomach ache’ but can be quite worrying and serious. However, the term stomach ache belittles how serious horse colic can be and the problem usually starts in the intestines. Even subtle changes in a horse can be a sign of more severe problems, with no two colic cases alike.

Perhaps 50% of all horse colic problems are extremely mild and disappear on their own with time. Another 30% of cases are a little more serious and need some attention and a further 20% need serious attention, with 2% of these needing surgeries to save the horse’s life.

What are the signs of horse colic?



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