When can kittens go outside?

Much like a baby taking their first steps, a kittens first adventure outside is one of those memorable moments you want to remember with an aww not an aghh. If you’re wondering when can kittens can go outside for the first time, we’ve written up a couple of tips to help ease any nerves and ensure it all goes smoothly.

Indoors vs. Outdoors?

Chances are if you’re reading this blog you have already held this debate in your mind. An impawtant first step in deciding when can kittens go outside is whether you intend your kitty to be an indoor or an outdoor cat. This can be quite a controversial topic, with some holding particularly strong feelings for or against. Ultimately though, the decision is your cats (then yours). The main point in favour of being an indoor cat is the reduced exposure to risks and danger, with indoor cats typically living longer. Whilst those in favour of being an outdoor cat argue the wealth of experience and mental enrichment contributes to positive health and well-being. Other factors such as where you live, the breed of cat you have e.g a maine coon and their activity-levels should also come into your decision-making process.



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