Why Is My Dog So Itchy? Causes & Solutions For An Itchy Dog

Ruh roh. If you have an itchy dog, we know it can be worrisome. Your canine buddy may be uncomfortable or downright miserable from the endless scratching. Since excessive itching in dogs is not considered normal, it’s definitely important to find the cause of itchiness in your dog. Is it just normal shedding? Or something more serious? Discover the top causes of itchy skin in dogs, plus prevention and treatment options to help your furry friend feel better soon.

In this article:

  • What is pruritus in dogs?
  • Is it normal for dogs to be itchy?
  • Signs of itchiness in dogs
  • Causes of itchy skin in dogs
  • Are some dog breeds more prone to itchiness than others?
  • Treatments, tips and remedies for an itchy dog
    • Preventing itchiness and dermatitis in dogs
    • Treating itchy skin in dogs
  • Conclusion: Why is my dog so itchy?

What is pruritus in dogs?

Just like us, our furry friends and other animals can experience itchiness. In the medical world it’s known as pruritus – that sensation that compels us to itch or scratch ourselves in one spot or all over1. Sometimes, it’s harmless. Other times, an underlying condition may be to blame, which may require treatment. Itchiness in dogs can range from mild to severe depending on the cause.

Is it normal for dogs to be itchy?

Well, it depends. Like humans, it’s normal for healthy dogs to itch sometimes. Occasional itching is usually not something to be worried about.

However, if your dog is itching and scratching incessantly, it’s probably an indicator that something’s not right. Your dog may be suffering from fleas, allergies, an insect bite, infection, or something else that needs treatment. So don’t ignore it if your dog starts itching and scratching a lot.

Not sure if you’re dogs scratching is excessive? Then it’s a good idea to monitor your dog closely. Watch their behavior to see if they show the following signs of itchiness in dogs.

Signs of itchiness in dogs

The signs of itchiness in dogs may not be as obvious as you’d think (but then again, sometimes, they might be). Itchy dogs scratch themselves with their paws, but that’s not all. They may also engage in some of the following behaviors in an attempt to scratch the itch:



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