10 Pet Friendly Holiday Food Items

Many pet owners want to include their companion animals in as much of their lives as possible, and holiday festivities are no exception. With so many good smells coming from household kitchens on the holidays, it’s no wonder why pets follow their human companions around the house, hoping that they drop a little something for the pet to enjoy. As much as pets want to feel like a part of the holiday festivities, pet owners often worry about the potential health implications associated with allowing their companion animal to eat human food. It’s often difficult to be aware of which human foods are pet-friendly and which are not, especially when it comes to once-per-year holiday items.

Fortunately, pet owners do not have to try avoiding sad puppy faces or demanding meows any longer, as several holiday food items are safe for pet consumption. Take a look at these common holiday favorites that double as pet-friendly holiday food items.

Pet Friendly Holiday Food Items

First, there are several things to consider when it comes to feeding companion animals human food, even when the food has been deemed safe for animals to eat.



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