4 Fun Quarantine Games You Can Play With Your Pets

Recently a video went viral about a pet owner who taught his lovely dog how to play the human tic-tac-toe game. It was fun, creative, and shows we are capable of teaching our beloved pet any games with a little concentration.

You know what they say; necessity is the mother of invention. With no sports channels, social distancing, and being at home 24/7, the world is getting more creative with ways to entertain themselves. And if you are in quarantine with your furry friend, you need to keep them entertained to or else you will get frustrated being on lock down.

So if you are like the millions who cannot afford a drone to walk their dog, then we have some fun quarantine games you can play with your pet.

Sniff the Treat

Now, this is like hide and seek but more for your dog even though you will be running around the apartment laughing so hard too. This is not just a fun game for you; it builds the mental alertness of your brain and keeps their minds active and muscles strong.

To play, pick out a couple of your pet’s favorite treat and hide them around the home at easy to reach places and let your dog find them. To make the game more interesting, you can add a couple of their favorite toys and give then the treat if they find both.

Jump the Tissue Barricade

Millions of people in quarantine have loads of tissue rolls in their homes, and since you cannot necessarily take your pet outside to run around. You can have them to this, and it is a great way to exercise too.

To play this game, arrange roll of tissue rolls about this step up. Start at the bottom of the stairways, run up and jump over the barricade. Have your pet do the same thing too. Start with a step of rolls, and increase it gradually. Do not forget to reward them with a treat.

Teach Them Something New

The usual sit, stand, roll, and lie need some additions, don’t you think so? Well, being in quarantine should enable you to bond with your pet and teach them to do more. So now you can get teach essential tools and items around the house, a new trick and extra commands like lay dead, sleep, stand on their hind limbs, or even to run errands in the home.



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