5 Interesting Ways You Can Celebrate National Dog Day

It’s no secret that dogs have been humans best friends for ages. None can surpass the love, companionship, and loyalty that one gets from his furry pal. Well, for pet-parents every day is special when it comes to their pet. However, to cherish this beautiful bond between man and the most loyal animal, Dog Day is celebrated. It can be a question regarding who started this incredible day and for that, we have Collen Paige to thanks for. Collen is an Animal Advocate and a Pet & Lifestyle Expert. The day 26th August marks the date she adopted her first family dog, Sheltie.

every year on 26th August, National Dog Day also serves as a reminder to adopt and rescue dogs over buying them from breeder mills. Therefore, to make the day special for your furry pal, here are the ways you can celebrate National Dog Day.



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