5 of the Best Dental Treats for Dogs

Did you know up to 80% of dogs suffer from some kind of dental disease? You might not be able to see it, although some morning you may be able to smell it. Or maybe your dog’s breath is alright, but you’re noticing their teeth have a noticeable buildup of plaque and tartar. On the other hand, your dog’s teeth may seem fine, but they could be having some other health issues.

You might not realize it, but your dog’s health issues could be related to their dental health. Dental disease in dogs can be a serious issue, and it’s important you catch it as early as you can.

But what’s the best way to improve your dog’s dental health? Dog chews and bully sticks for dogs are a great starting point, outside of a dental cleaning, as they allow you to clean your dog’s teeth at home without having to break out the toothbrush.

What are the best dental treats out there? We’ll give you a simple list so you can start improving your dog’s dental health from home.

How Dental Treats Help

The benefits of chew toys and dental treats cannot be understated. As great as it would be to brush your dog’s teeth twice a day, the truth is that your dog might not allow it. You take out the toothbrush, attempt to open their mouth, and they run off, wanting nothing of you or your treatment.

But a dog can’t turn down a good treat or toy. That’s how you win them over.

The issue with dog dental problems is that it can lead to basic health problems, which can become more serious with time. Some oral issues include:



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