5 Pet-Friendly workouts you can do with your furry friend

We all know exercise is good for us and our furry friends. If you keep doing consistent exercises, it will be physically and mentally good for both you and your dog. It is well-known that exercise release endorphins, but it can also help improve coordination and balance.

We have put together five pet-friendly workouts you can do with your furry friend.

Play a game of fetch

Playing fetch might be one of the most popular games to play with your dog. Some dogs were born to retrieve, so go outside and play a game of fetch with your dog! While your pup goes running after the ball, you can engage in some muscle-building exercises.

Ever heard of “Doga”?

Have you ever heard of “Doga,”? Yes, you guessed it, it’s Doga, as in dog + yoga. This is really a thing these days and it’s all about the pet-human bond. So how it works is, your dog will not oly act as a prop for your poses, but you’ll help him or her try some poses of their own. Let’s be honest, your dog has already mastered downward dog.

Go for a Swim

Swimming is a fun low-impact exercise and activity that you and your dog can do together. Most dogs do love to swim, but not all are comfortable in the water. You can slowly introduce swimming to your dog by having him or her walk into shallow water with you. With this said, you should keep water safety in mind, just as you would with children.



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