5 Reasons Why Shelters Dogs Are the Best

If you’ve noticed a missing place in your life, it might be time to adopt a furry friend companion to make your days fuller and happier. While we all know that we should adopt and not shop, some prospective puppy parents may wonder if a shelter doggy is the best idea. It’s true that these dogs may be ‘more work’ than a puppy from a breeder, but the magic lies in giving a fur baby a home and a happy life that they otherwise might never get.

Further, just because a dog is in a shelter, it doesn’t mean that there is something ‘wrong’ with them. The circumstances surrounding their life could range from an incapable previous owner, an inability to adapt to previous living conditions, or a litter of puppies too big to handle for just one family.

You can find your best friend from a shelter, and here’s why:

1.  Up-to-date medical care

While this is not true for every shelter, the majority of shelters and rescues will ensure their pups and pooches have all their vaccinations, dentals, deworming, and sterilizations up to date. They do this with the help of donations, and the animals are well taken care of by vets in a good shelter.

2.  Bonding

Often times, a rescue pup will bond quickly with you and love you for giving them a second chance at a wonderful life. As they are in need of love and care from a family, they will likely form a loving relationship with you very quickly.



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