5 tips if you adopted a puppy over the holidays

When you bring a new puppy home there will definitely be an adjustment period for both the puppy and you. This is a time where you will be bonding with your puppy, and they will be adjusting to their new home, environment, and schedule. The puppy may be sad initially as well because they have only known their mother and littermates.  However, for most puppies the adjustment period is usually quite quick.

Here are five tips if you recently adopted a puppy:

  1. Puppy proof your house- Before your puppy arrives, make sure to puppy proof your house. A few pointers would be to move electrical cords out of their reach or put them in cord concealer. Lock up or put-up high cleaning supplies, garage supplies like fertilizer and antifreeze, and medications that can be toxic to animals. Put the trash can out of reach as well as any poisonous plants.
  2. Veterinary visits- Your vet will be a good resource for all your puppy questions. Puppies need a series of core vaccines given about 3-4 weeks apart. These core vaccines will protect against many common diseases like parvo and distemper. Deworming, heartworm medication, flea/tick medication, microchipping, obedience training, and spaying/neutering are just a few things your veterinarian will discuss at these puppy visits.



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