5 Tips to Keep Supplements Out of Paw’s Reach

When it comes to having pet supplements around the house, let’s just say that some pets are sneaky enough to decide their own daily dosage.

Since supplements should only be served in careful moderation to avoid upset tummies or other troubles, it’s important to make sure their supplements are kept out of your pet’s reach.

So, we’re here with five tips to help you play keep-away from delivery day until the last bite!

1. Be Prepared for When Your Package Arrives

You’re not the only one that perks up at the sound of a delivery truck pulling up!

Some dogs and cats get so excited that they’ll race to get a whiff of what’s inside. If they’re bold enough, they’ll even use their teeth and claws to shred the packaging and get to the good stuff before you know it.

That’s why we recommend picking up your package immediately upon delivery, or to provide delivery instructions to have the package dropped off in a safer designated area. If you won’t be home during the estimated delivery, try asking a friendly neighbor to hold onto the package until you get back!

2. Store Their Supplements Out of View

Have you ever stored something away that you thought your pet couldn’t possibly reach, only to find out that Fido is even more resourceful than you thought?

Needless to say, your pet might be just as likely to get a hold of their supplements as they are with your favorite pair of socks.

With the size and agility of your pet in mind, we highly recommend storing your jars and bags of supplements in high, hard-to-reach places instead of low kitchen drawers and cupboards that your dog can nudge open.

3. Throw Off the Scent with Airtight Containers

Some products have stronger scents than others. So, even if dogs and cats can’t see their supplements, their keen noses are just as useful!

To make sure your pup can’t follow the scent and make a mess during their search, moving their supplements to a different container might help.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great airtight ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic food containers to choose from that get the job done. Just be sure that your container of choice is dishwasher safe before you buy!



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