6 Things That Are Causing Your Dog to Constantly Scratch Itself


Your dog may develop allergies to certain foods. There may also be something in the environment that is causing it to develop an allergic reaction. Your dog may also have flea allergies.


Your dog may be infected with a bacterial, yeast, or fungal infection. A common cause of bacterial infections in dogs is – you guessed it – fleas. Yeast and fungal infections can be caused by mites.

Dry Skin

It may simply be that your dog’s skin is dry, causing it to be itchy and irritated. Dry skin is often a result of the humidity in the environment and often occurs during the winter. It can also be caused by your dog’s diet.


It is also possible that your dog’s compulsive itching and scratching is a result of anxiety or extreme boredom. Make sure your dog is feeling calm, happy, and relaxed.

Hormone Imbalance

If your dog has a hormone imbalance or problems with their endocrine system, skin conditions can develop.



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