7 Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Christmas is coming up faster than you think, and with shipping delays very likely close to the holidays, ordering early is always a good idea. If you’d like to spoil your dog with some presents this year, but aren’t sure what to get them, we’ve got you covered with seven ideas for Christmas presents for dogs — from premium treats for dogs to a brand new dog bed:

High Quality Treats

Consumables are a great Christmas gift idea no matter your intended recipient, and any dog in your life is sure to love some high quality dog treats. Choose from long-lasting dog bones, Himalayan yak cheese chews, bully sticks for dogs, and other unique and delicious treats that your dog will devour. If you know the kinds of treats that your dog loves, give both of you a gift with a dog treat subscription box so you never have to worry about running out. And if you want to branch out, try our holiday treat box instead!

Interactive Dog Toys

Even the best-made dog toy will eventually get destroyed, especially if they are vigorous chewers. This makes Christmas the perfect excuse to replace any old or damaged dog toys. Choose high quality toys that will last a long time, and aim for variety overall. If your dogs already have several ropes, try getting them a puzzle toy instead, and so on. Try to get a mix of toys that your dogs can play with on their own and interactive toys that you use to play with them (such as a ball launcher).



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