7 Reasons You Should Consider Health Insurance for Your Pet

Health Insurance

Of course you love your dog! He has more (and fluffier) beds than you do. You make sure he gets healthy walks every day, regardless of wind, rain, snow or hangover. You spent more time researching his vet than you did your own primary care physician. Should you get pet insurance, too? Here are 7 reasons why we recommend it.

7 Reasons to Purchase Pet Insurance

1. Accidents happen

Regardless of how carefully you look after your pup, not-so-friendly neighbor cats, untended Halloween candy (chocolate-covered raisins! Yikes!) and splintering sticks lurk throughout your dog’s life. 1 in 3 pets needs emergency care each year, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). And emergency visits are usually more expensive than regularly scheduled care. The AVMA endorses pet health insurance, as long as the policy covers what you need.

2.Veterinary care is expensive—and getting more expensive

Rising pharmaceutical costs and new technologies and equipment make care more costly. And inflation is pushing up the price tag too. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, inflation has caused steep increases in lab and vendor fees that get passed on to clients.



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