7 Tips for New Cat Owners

With that first cat somes uncertainty. You’ve never looked after a fur baby before, and when it comes to newcomer tips, advice can be hard to come by. We here at Petlibro are here to help. Join us as we look at 7 top tips for new cat owners.

1) Find a Great Veterinarian
Your cat’s health is paramount. A healthy cat is a happy cat. If you’re unfamiliar with vets in your area, you can ask your friends or use sites to find local vets. When your cat moves in, scheduling a health check-up is essential. The vet can make you aware of any health issues, allowing you to immediately address them and ensure a happy and healthy life for your feline friend.

2) Create a Great Indoor Space for Your Cat
In order for your cat to settle nicely into your home, it’s a good idea to create a special indoor space for them. Make sure it’s an enclosed area complete with their bed, litter box, water and food bowls, as well as various toys to keep them happy. Some cat scratchers are also a must.

3) Clean Out Their Litter Box Every Day
This tip’s for both you and your cat. Taking the time each day to empty the litter box will do wonders for your cat’s health and happiness. Simply scoop out the waste and either throw it in the trash or down the toilet. Your cat will have a nice clean space to enjoy, and you won’t have to wrinkle your nose or apologize to guests for the strange smell coming from your cat’s room.

4) Get an Automatic Feeder and Water Fountain
At some point, you’ll have to leave your cute kitty home alone. Keeping them fed and watered while you’re out the house is crucial. That’s where both an automatic feeder and water fountain come in handy.



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