7 tips on how to protect dog paws in snow and winter

As a dog parent, you know paw care is key to keeping your furry friend happy. You know it’s important to check, groom, and protect their paws regularly. But what about protecting your dog’s paws in snow? During winter, dogs paws are especially vulnerable. Just like us, dogs are sensitive to cold. Exposure to cold air, rain and snow can cause chapped paws and dry, itchy skin. Then there’s things like ice, chemicals and melting salts that can hurt your dog. Good thing is, we can show you how to protect dog paws in snow and winter.

Does snow hurt dog paws?

It’s complicated. The winter season, in addition to snow, can also bring some risks for dog paws that are worth watching out for. You’ll want to protect your dog’s paws from these potential hazards:

  • Freezing temperatures and frostbite
  • Toxic chemical agents on streets
  • Ice-melting salt
  • Sharp ice
  • Objects hidden under snow

7 ways to protect dog paws in snow and winter

The salt used to melt ice on roads and sidewalks is not kind to dog’s paws, and nice winter walks can become downright dangerous if your dog starts licking chemicals from ice-melting agents.

In any case, you can keep your dog more paw-sitive by regularly following this simple 4-step paw care routine.

1. Regular grooming

First of all, make sure your dog’s paws are winter-ready. Good grooming is essential for healthy winter feet. Trim long-haired dogs to make it harder for bits of ice, salt crystals or ice-melting chemicals to dry and cling to their skin. Take special care when doing their feet, and trim any extra hair growing on the paws.



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