8 Fun Things to do With Your Dog in the Summer

Summer is a great time to make fun memories with your pet. Bonding with your dog is easy in this season because there are so many activities that you can participate in outdoors. From trips to the beach to park picnics here are a few things to do with your dog this summer.

1. Take a Hike

Dogs big and small are excellent hiking companions. Make sure that they are socialized among people and other dogs and that the weather is not too hot so you can have a great day exploring with them. Make sure that the hike is not too strenuous for them and they are well hydrated through the whole trek.

things to do with your dog hiking

2. Go on a Camping Trip

Summertime means pet playtime! It’s the perfect season for camping with our friends and pets. Whether you’re a backpacker that goes on journeys for days or a casual camper, your dog can be a great addition to your summer plans. Make sure you prepare your dog, research the campsite, get the right gear, and have fun.

3. Throw a Pet BBQ

Have some friends that have four-legged best friends too? Throw a puppy party in your backyard and enjoy the nice weather with them. Pick a theme, get some dog treats and prepare to celebrate the summer.

4. Take a Photo with Your Pet

There is nothing like capturing the memories you make with your pet in the summer for cold winter days. You can then turn that photo into a custom plush that looks just like your dog that you can take anywhere! Check it out here and make your own.

things to do with your dogs

5. Play in the Pool

Swimming is not only fun, but it’s a great way to introduce another form of exercise for puppies. In addition to proper training, you must take precautionary measures before teaching your pup to swim in a pool. Most important of all, understand that some puppies love swimming but others are simply not interested.



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