A Closer Look at Grain Free Dog Food in Australia

Australian shepherd wondering what food they’ll eat for dinner

Dogs are family. They are loyal, kind, and intelligent, and you only want what’s best for them.

Doggos often don’t know what food is best for themselves. That’s why you teach your pup to play with their toys, instead of eating them. Choosing a healthy and affordable dog food can be ruff on you and your pups digestion.

Finding your dog meals that will keep them shiny, energetic, and healthy may take a little time, but once you know what ingredients to shop for, you’ll know what food to feed your furry family.

Compare Aussie-Made Foods

Big dog food manufacturers often fill their food with cheap-ingredients to make a larger profit. They don’t consider their clients’ health when making this mistake. Dogs need healthy fat and healthy grains to get the nutrition that they need. A low fat grain free dog food diet wouldn’t benefit your pooch.

Instead focus on fats that provide benefits, such as coconut oil and olive oil to keep your dog’s coat healthy and flake-free. Dog food ingredients can be difficult to sift through on a small label. So, here’s a list to help.

Which Ingredients Are Safe For Dog Food?

Best Grain Free Dog Food

Pet owners often ask, what’s the best grain-free kibble and grain free wet dog food that I can feed my pup? It’s easy to say no grain dog food for your pet. But why are animal-lovers opting for grain-free diets, when it can cause DCM?

Dog food can be chock-full of ingredients that make your dog sick. Owners often think that their dog has a grain allergy, but less than 1% of dogs suffer from these allergies [1].

Allergy Symptoms Include:

      • Flaky/ itchy skin
      • Bumps on their body
      • Red and or swollen pads of paws
      • Chewing their feet
      • Rapid hair loss
      • Gastrointestinal discomfort
      • Frequent ear infections

If your doggo isn’t suffering from a grain induced allergy, consider why dog owners believe that a grain-free diet is best for them. It’s often marketed as a healthy diet, without preservatives or fillers. But grain free food makers can sneak those in dog food in subtle ways.



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