A Note From a Nervous Cat

Dear Tootsie –

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted you to know that I am alive and residing in a new strange place. It is quite different from my last residence with you; there are all new climbing things – my new servant calls “curtains” and “cabinets”. She is recommending I stay off them, but she has no idea how much fun they are – maybe she’ll give it a try someday. There is also this weird texture on the earth and it changes from super smooth and slippery to soft and furry – I think she calls it “tile and carpet”. I only know this because she had another servant over and told her. The ladder is great for digging in my nails and really giving them a good stretch…

I have to tell you – my sleeping quarters are much better here than at the shelter. I have a huge soft object my servant calls “thisisnotyourbed” that I love sleeping on. However sometimes she tries to sleep on it with me – usually when it’s dark outside.
I can tolerate it, but not once she starts making this terrible noise out of her nose, called “snoring”. Once that starts, I simply jump on her face and she usually stops or goes in another room. The nerve of some people, right?! Oh, there is also this really private spot where I get to do my business. You won’t believe how quiet, clean and private it is! And the servant cleans it with the touch of a button!
Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I’m getting more used to this place every day, and soon I should be in complete domination. But, there is one problem – Chompers.



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