Adopting The Purrfect Shelter Cat

June is full of a lot of pawsome holidays – and it’s a sunny month. It’s also the perfect time to adopt a kitty of your own; June is National Adopt a Cat Month!

Shelter cats are the best – and there’s so many reasons why!

Here’s a few things we love about Shelter Cats, and a few things you can do to support shelters if it’s not time for a kitty of your own yet.

Shelter Cats Have Shots

When you adopt a kitty, it’s easy to check off essentials that you’ll need to make sure you’ve done and have everything! When you adopt a cat from a shelter, especially an older cat, you don’t have to worry about spaying or neutering your fuzzy friend. A lot of shelters also have low cost spaying and neutering services available, or even free services available to those in their community or people adopting younger animals from their shelters.

You Know Their Personalities

Most shelters and adoption websites know the personalities of the kitties they’re adopting out and will describe them – so there’s no going in “blind”! You can get an idea of the cats you’re looking at before adopting them. As much as it’s easy to want to adopt them all, making sure that you’re adopting a cat that works well with your household dynamic is especially important to have a successful adoption process!

A lot of the older cats in the shelters also will be far more likely to be house trained, and most of the cats in the shelters will be socialized around other cats.

Less guess work and more cuddles!



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