All you need to know about dog ear infection and the treatment

Dogs can suffer from ear infections just like humans, and it’s important to know the signs, what causes them, and how to treat them. HOCL, or Hypochlorous Acid, is a natural, safe, and effective solution for cleaning and treating dog ear infections. In this article, we’ll discuss all the key points about dog ear infections and tell you how to make dog ear infection treatment at home.

What is a Dog Ear Infection?

A dog ear infection is an inflammation of the ear that is caused by a bacterial or yeast infection. The inflammation is usually accompanied by pain, redness, and itching, and can sometimes lead to more serious complications. Dog ear infections can be caused by allergens, parasites, mites, wax buildup, or even foreign objects.

Symptoms of Dog Ear Infections

The most common symptom of a dog ear infection is a bad odor coming from the ear. Other symptoms include redness, swelling, pain, or tenderness in or around the ear; itching or scratching; discharge that is yellowish or bloody; and head-shaking or head-tilting.

Causes of Dog Ear Infections

Dog ear infections can be caused by a variety of different factors. Common causes include allergies, parasites, mites, wax buildup, foreign objects, and bacteria or yeast infections. Allergens are a common cause of ear infections in dogs, as they can irritate the ear canal and cause inflammation. Parasites, such as ear mites, can also cause irritation and inflammation in the ear. Wax buildup can block the ear canal and trap bacteria and yeast, leading to an infection. Foreign objects, such as grass awns, can also cause irritation and inflammation.

Diagnosing a Dog Ear Infection

In order to diagnose a dog ear infection, your veterinarian will perform a physical examination and take a detailed medical history. Your veterinarian may also use an otoscope to look at the inside of the ear canal and check for signs of infection. Your veterinarian may also take a sample of the discharge to look for bacteria or yeast.



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