Are Pig Ears Good for Dogs?

You always want the best for your dog. Whether it’s ensuring they go on enough walks per day or that they’re not exhibiting signs of anxiety, you want your dog to be as healthy as can be. One of the best ways to improve your dog’s physical and mental health is providing them with a healthy diet.

For some pet owners, this involves a complete overhaul of their pet’s diet. But one of the simplest ways to improve your dog’s health is by giving them healthier, all-natural treats. In particular, we love giving our dogs cow ears and pig ears.

Best Bully Sticks pig ears

Now, you’re probably asking yourself: Are pig ears good for dogs?

Like all other treats offered at Best Bully Sticks, pig ears are safe and healthy for your dog. But let’s give it a closer look to see justwhy they’re great for your dog(s).

What Are Pig Ears

Our pig ears are exactly as they sound. Humanely harvested and oven-baked, these are all-natural, highly digestible pig ears. We take a particular part of the pig’s ear, called the pinna, due to it consisting mainly of cartilage and skin, which is naturally flavorful.

Pinna barely has any muscle in it, so pig ears make for an easy-to-chew and digestible treat for dogs. Think of it as a natural alternative to rawhide, better for your dog’s teeth, stomach, and health.

chewing pig ear treat

Are Pig Ears Healthy?  

As mentioned, pig ears are a great alternative to rawhide. They’re flavorful chews that are good for your dog’s teeth, a great source of protein, and easy on their stomach. However, some dog owners are still apprehensive about pig ears, as they can carry certain types of bacteria, like salmonella.

While it’s an understandable concern to have, there’s nothing to worry about if given to your dog responsibly. Dogs are able to digest other forms of bacteria far better than humans. It might take a few days for them to grow accustomed to pig ear treats — as with any other new food substance — but their digestive system will react well to them as long as they are not given more than one treat a day. Always make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water while chewing as well.

For owners, we highly recommend washing your hands after handling pig ears, as one would do while handling any other meat. Furthermore, pig ears are for dogsonly.They are not intended for human consumption.



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