Artist – Hannah Koslosky

DROOL: How did you discover your voice in art?
Hannah Koslosky: I went to a small college in the very small town of Natchitoches, LA. Sometimes I felt like I was being homeschooled because I was close with my professors, and they gave their students a lot of freedom to create the things we wanted to create. One time, my friends and I were laughing about the idea of doing an entire art show about this weird friend we had. Our professor was like “Why not?”, and set-up the gallery space for us. It was absolutely absurd, but I think about this experience a lot, especially when I start overthinking things. It reminds me to follow through with an idea if it makes me happy, and to not worry about who’s going to like it or not. (Also, don’t worry, our friend gave us permission to do an art show about him.)



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