Basepaws five-star scientific evidence grading system

The Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA test digital report now offers a five-star scientific evidence grading system for every genetic health and trait marker result. The genetic markers in our report represent a deep dive into the available feline genetics research, including the very latest findings.

An important part of the scientific process is to establish whether innovative research findings are consistent with previous studies. At Basepaws, we participate in this process to see if and how the patterns emerging from our data relate to already published research. This allows us to place our research within the context of the current state of knowledge in feline genetics, as well as identify knowledge gaps that will generate new questions and drive future research.

How Strong is the Evidence Associated with Feline Genetic Health Markers?

Some research findings are scientifically stronger than others. For example, a study on 100 cats has greater statistical power, and its conclusions can be interpreted with greater confidence, than a study on fewer than five cats. The Basepaws report includes a five-star rating system that denotes the strength of the scientific research evidence that is available for each genetic marker, and the interpretation of associated results. This system answers the question: How strong is the existing evidence that this marker is associated with this disease or trait?

In the Health Markers section of your cat’s digital report of results, you will see a list of items from left to right as in the example below: disease name, the gene, genetic mutation associated with the disease, the breeds the mutation is typically seen in, and your cat’s status for the disease (clear, carrier, at risk, at high risk), as inferred from the tested markers with known association to this disease.



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