Behavioral Problems in Rescue Dogs: How to Solve These 3 Common Problems

Behavioral Problems in Rescue Dogs: How to Solve These 3 Common Problems

Here at Lolahemp, we are committed to animal welfare and have built strong partnerships with people and organizations who work tirelessly to rescue second chance dogs who would otherwise be euthanized in overcrowded animal shelters. In fact, our entire line of CBD products for dogs started because of our own loveable rescue dog: Lola.

According to the ASPCA, as many as 47% of dogs surrendered to shelters are rehomed for behavioral issues. More often than not, these behavioral issues can be resolved if only dog owners had more resources to help their pets overcome their problems with some basic understanding of some key concepts.

This article aims to help those who have recently adopted a rescue animal or who are considering rehoming a dog so that we can help these loving pets to stay in their forever homes.

#1: Helping Dogs with Anxiety Related Behaviors

Imagine for a moment that you are homeless on the streets in a foreign land where you do not speak the language and you rely on the help of others to find shelter, food, and basic security. You don’t have much control over your surroundings, and you can’t communicate effectively with your keepers. Worse, they keep bouncing you around from place to place, and you have no way of knowing what your future will hold. Would you feel anxious? You bet you would.

We have to be empathetic about the life experiences that many dogs in the rescue system have had and understand that anxiety is a NORMAL response to being in a shelter system, having experienced homelessness or abuse, or even bounced around in foster care. Luckily, dogs are resilient social animals who in their hearts want to be able to trust their human friends – recovery from anxiety issues is almost always possible.

Recognize Anxiety Related Behavioral Issues

When dogs are anxious about the safety and permanence of their surroundings, it can manifest in a variety of ways. Examples may include:



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