Benefits of Orthopedic Dog Beds

If you have ever tried lying on an uncomfortable mattress, you would definitely be familiar with the problems it can cause.

Even just one night on a  poor quality bed can cause an aching back, stiff neck, and overall discomfort. Beyond the discomfort, a poor mattress can cause joint discomfort, back aches and the loss of a good night’s  sleep. Furthermore, it can also cause a great deal of stress and anxiety.

A lot of pet owners do not realize that many dogs suffer this same discomfort everyday. This can be avoid if more thought was put into the kind of dog beds they provide for their pup..

This is where an orthopedic dog mattress plays an important role.

What makes a dog bed orthopedic?

What makes a dog bed orthopedic

An orthopedic dog mattress is specifically designed to provide extra support for your dog’s bones and joints, most especially around the hips and elbows area, which tends to carry the most pressure.

They are made with an orthopedic foam density of 4.5lbs. This density makes the bed supportive enough so that your canine cannot feel the floor. This ensures a comfortable and therapeutic rest all throughout the day and night time. The material is a memory and support foam that molds to your dog’s natural curves and prevents friction and stiffness.

To compare, many mass-produced dog beds are filled with cedar chips, cotton filling, polyester filling, or a mix of that. This is generally fine for smaller dogs that do not need the extra support. However, these mass-produced beds are not built for long-term use as the filling can sometimes separate or settle in, leading to your dogs coming into contact with the hard floor.


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