Best Ways to Bond With Your Bird

Having a bird as your companion may not sound as common as dogs and cats, but it certainly brings a great experience with it. For someone who has just adopted a bird or plans to bring a birdie home, this blog is just for you! Birds are intelligent pets and are fun to interact with. The challenge is to establish a bond with them, and the reason being, unlike other pets, birds are accustomed to traveling and staying in a human habitation doesn’t come naturally to them.

Like other pets, birds too, enjoy socializing and the attention. Thus, it is vital to bond with your bird in order to make them comfortable and feel safe. Once you have established the connection, you get in return their loyalty and friendship for a lifetime.

This blog helps you with some of the tried and tested methods for connecting with your feathered friend. Read through to know more.

Ways to Bond with A Pet Bird

Make them comfortable first

In many cases, adopted birds have less or no interaction with humans. This may lead them to shy behavior or your bird may get anxious around a human presence. Set aside 5 to 10 minutes of your time everyday to talk to your birdie. Just be around them, say hi, and talk about anything. Soon enough, your bird will get comfortable with your presence.

Keep it low when you speak

Your voice is going to play a big role in bonding with the bird. Your newly adopted bird will be extra sensitive to your tone. Make sure you speak gently, and keep a low tone, so your bird can feel at ease and safe.



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