Bichon Frise Diet & Meal Plan Advice

Another benefit to daily exercise is that it allows for your Bichon to socialize and explore its environment. Dogs instinctually will sniff and explore their environment to discover sources of food and potential threats.

Dogs rely heavily on the sense of smell, and a daily walk or another outdoor activity allows them to engage with other animals, stimulate their mind, and aid in digestion as well.

Depending upon where you live, we have a few suggestions about the types of activities you can plan for your Bichon.

The key to any activity is that you are playing and bonding with your Bichon Frise.

Daily activities are something that both you and your dog can look forward to and create opportunities to teach and reinforce proper social behaviors.

Walks: Daily walks are a must to engage your Bichon’s curiosity and get some exercise in the process. Walks also serve as a great way to reinforce the bonds and work together on good behaviors.

Hikes: Depending on where you live, take your Bichon on a short hike if you have the opportunity. Keep in mind the terrain and weather as they may negatively impact your Bichon, but you expose your dog to new smells and surroundings by getting out of your immediate neighborhood.

Dog Park: Dog parks are great for socialization skills and get some quality exercise. As Bichon are hyper-loyal, a dog park only scratches one part of their exercise needs.

What plays a significant role for Bichon’s is bonding with their owner, so if you go to a dog park, expect to be engaged in their fun.

Swimming: Swimming is a great low-impact activity for older Bichons that may experience joint issues. It is a full-body workout that has significant cardiovascular benefits as well.



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