BISSELL Pet Foundation Empties the Shelters

BISSELL Pet Foundation paid all the adoption fees for another Empty the Shelters event.  Guess how many shelters participated in this event??  101, let us repeat, 101 shelters participated in the event across 14 states! More than 3,340 pets found their forever home. And for every pet that finds a home a spot opens for another pet in the shelter. That means more than 6,680 lives were saved. How amazing is that?

In 2017 over 3.1 million cats and dogs were taken in by shelters across the US. That breaks our hearts.  It is national Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month and we encourage anyone who has been thinking about adding a furry friend to their family to go visit their local shelter and check out all the wonderful animals that are waiting to be rescued.  There are wonderful cats and dogs of every size and breed in our nation’s shelters, so go find the pet of your dreams!

Remember that every product purchased from WAGTOPIA donates back to the Bissell Pet Foundation so that they can continue their work to Empty the Shelters.



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