Bravecto Dose Guidance For Dogs Based On Size And Weight

Being a pet owner you always have to extend your care towards your dog. It is not just limited to give proper food and time but also to care for its health by giving all the monthly preventives like for fleas and ticks.

The two most common methods of tick and flea preventative treatment are spot-on treatments and oral chewable tablets that provide a long-lasting barrier against ticks and fleas.

So! It’s also a question what to choose? which one is more effective Bravecto Spot-On Or Chews ?

One such great treatment is Bravecto Chews. These are flavored veterinary medicine specially formulated to treat parasitic infestation in both commonly pet animals’ cats and dogs. It has been approved by FDA  It has an active ingredient fluralaner that controls ticks infestation – Black legged tick, American Dog tick, Brown Dog tick for 12 weeks. And, it also protects from lone star tick infestation for 8 weeks.

These chews protect the dog for straight 12 weeks the only condition applies is the puppy should be at least age of 6 months or greater and much weight 4.4 pounds or greater. The dose of Bravecto majorly depends on the body weight of dog. A single chew has a minimum dose of 25mg/kg (11.4 mg/lb). Keep Reading For Bravecto Dose Guidance For Dogs!

How And How Much Is Bravecto Sufficient?

Bravecto must be always administrated with food and as per the weight of your dog. You can start the treatment from the beginning of the year and keep him protected for a year long without interruptions.

If you have a dog weighing more than 56 kgs then you must administrate a good combination of chews to keep him well protected.



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