Can a Dog Eat Hot Dogs?

To find safe “human foods” that you can feed your crazy canine at home, and to know which ones you shouldn’t feed them, check out our lists below. But remember, no added sugar, salt, butter, seasonings, or anything else. Just plain, natural foods. And don’t let your pup have anything with xylitol in it because it’s poisonous for dogs.

When it comes to any food you’d like to feed your dog at home, make sure to check out the best ways to safely serve them. Cut all food into small, edible pieces. With fruit and veggies, remove all stems, cores, seeds, peels, and rinds. And some fruits, like pineapple, require you to remove the skin.

Also, remove any bones from the meat or fish. And make sure to cut away the really fatty pieces of meat before giving them to your dog.



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