Can A Dog Eat Popcorn

Sorry, but it’s not a good idea to feed your dog caramel popcorn, kettle corn, cheesy popcorn, or even popcorn with just butter and salt.

The fats, sodium, and sugars in these popcorn toppings will not only lead to stomach upset in your dog, but they could also cause dehydration from the salt, and diarrhea. And if eaten long-term, your dog could suffer from kidney damage from the salt, and problems with obesity—which leads to heart issues, immunity issues, hip and joint issues, and so much more.

And beware of peanut butter popcorn too! Even though peanut butter is commonly given to dogs, and is technically safe, a lot of peanut butters contain sugar. And even worse… some contain xylitol. You may not be aware, but xylitol is actually very toxic for dogs. So please be cautious about what snacks you share with your pup, and what ingredients they contain.



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