Can CBD Be Used As A Supplement For Cancer Prevention Treatment

For pet owners who have a dog with cancer or one whose breed is predisposed to cancerous tumors, effective treatment or preventive measures are often a top concern. Often, pet owners hear about herbal supplements and alternative treatments and wonder if there is any truth to the health benefits claimed by the product in question.

While there are plenty of supposed ‘treatments’ that have no evidence of being effective, the same cannot be said for CBD oil. Thanks to modern testing, there is now scientific evidence that suggests using pet CBD for cancer prevention or treatment might be a wise step toward a healthy animal.

CBD and Cancer in Dogs

CBD oil is one of the few medical supplements that, according to the evidence discovered in studies, has shown promise both in the treatment of cancer and the prevention of it.

On one hand, dogs with cancer can have CBD oil supplements combined with their veterinarian-designed cancer treatment plan. It’s suggested that CBD oil can help prevent the growth of cancerous tumors, shrink existing tumors, and may even help induce cancer cell death.

In one study involving mice with cancer, CBD oil was used in conjunction with a form of chemotherapy, and the mice with the CBD addition experienced a three-times greater survival rate than mice that were only treated with the chemotherapy drug.



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