Can dogs eat gravy?

There’s simply nothing like a good gravy. Whether slathered onto chips from the chippy, or keeping our Sunday roasts moist and tasty, gravy is a delicious accompaniment that many of us couldn’t live without. Can you feed gravy to your dog though? In this post, we’ll find out…

What goes into your gravy?

Theoretically, yes, your dog can indeed enjoy a bit of gravy. Hopefully that comes as a great relief to anyone who likes to use their dog’s tongue to part-clean the dishes after a roast. But, there are a couple of caveats to consider here before you go brewing up a fresh jug to share with your four-legged friend.

If you get your gravy from a tin or sachet, be sure to check the ingredients before sharing any with your dog. Many gravies use onions or even garlic as a flavouring and these are very bad for your pet, so should be avoided.

Also, check the salt content, and buy reduced-salt gravy if you can. Salt isn’t good for your dog in large quantities so this will not only be healthier for them if you feel like sharing, but also, it’ll be better for you too.



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