Can Humans Take Pet CBD Oil?

Giving your pets cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a growing trend where a Nielsen report found that 24% of pet owners use hemp-CBD for their pets, themselves, or both. This is mainly due to the perceived positive benefits of taking CBD oil.

While the FDA hasn’t approved CBD oil, several clinical studies are beginning to see promising benefits. Until the FDA approves CBD oil, we do not make any direct claims to the benefits of CBD and advise you to research CBD oil. The FDA recommends that you talk to your vet before giving your pet CBD pet products.

Many pet owners, that buy CBD oil for their pets, want to know if humans can take pet CBD oil. We’ll answer this question and other questions you might have about CBD oil.

Can humans take CBD oil for dogs?

The short answer is yes. CBD oil affects humans and other mammals in the same way. Because it works the same way for humans as it does for pets, it is safe to consume pet CBD oil.

These pet CBD oil products can be oil drops, capsules, or treats—although, we don’t necessarily recommend eating a CBD dog treat because they are not formulated for a human taste palette. For example, Dope Dog CBD oil dog treats come in Asian carp, peanut butter, and sweet potato.

Also, because dogs generally have lighter body mass than humans, their CBD oil dosage is significantly less than for people. And FDA is less stringent about pet labels for supplements, so you’ll need to be cautious if you decide to ingest a pet CBD oil.

To guarantee effectiveness and safety, you should only use high-quality, third-party tested CBD oil for you and your pets.

Dogs can take human CBD oil.

Can dogs take human CBD Oil?

Yes, dogs can take human CBD oil. But you’ll need to be very careful about dosage depending on your dog’s size and the oil’s potency. Before giving your dog human CBD oil, you should talk to your vet about the proper dosage.

Is There a Difference Between CBD Oil for Humans and Pets?

When it comes to the CBD oil in its purest form, it is essentially the same for humans and pets. The oil is extracted from the same types of the hemp plant and has no serious adverse side effects, making it safe for you and your pet to ingest.

CBD oil products differ between pets and humans by:

  • Dosage: Humans generally need a higher daily dose and multiple doses for CBD oil to be effective.
  • Potency: Because humans are larger than most pets, human CBD oil products can have a higher strength to be sufficient for human size.
  • Flavoring: CBD companies will flavor CBD oil products differently for humans and pets, appealing to the different preferred taste palettes.
  • FDA Regulations: The FDA is more stringent on human CBD oil product labels, ensuring the products meet human consumption requirements for dietary supplements.



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