Can I Give My Dog Honey?

While traditionally used as a natural sweetener, honey also has a variety of health benefits. Honey is increasingly popular for people to either consume or apply topically for these benefits. It only makes sense that pet parents are now interested in offering this sweet syrup to their beloved animals.

Is honey safe for my dog?

As with most things, moderation is key. And for pet owners, the safety of your canine friend is of the utmost importance. Honey—raw honey, specifically—is safe for dogs to eat in small quantities. When provided to your pooch in a small amount, a little honey won’t harm them and can even serve as an alternative or additional form of health support depending on your dog’s specific needs. And it’s affordable!

Is honey good for my dog?

Honey is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help support optimal health for your pet. This superfood contains important nutrients like vitamins B, C, D, E, and K that play a critical role in the healthy function of systems throughout your dog’s body.

What are some benefits of giving my dog honey?

Help with seasonal sensitivities

As with humans, honey can help minimize your dog’s reactions to seasonal and environmental allergies by building up their body’s tolerance to pollen. Raw, local wildflower honey contains pollen particles collected by the bees that produce the honey. If your dog suffers from seasonal or environmental allergies, daily dosing with this honey in small amounts may help desensitize your dog’s immune system to these allergens, helping to reduce reactionary symptoms.



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