Can Probiotic Treats prevent health problems in dogs?

What are Probiotics?

The use of prebiotics and probiotics has really taken off in recent years. This is true both in human medicine and in the veterinary sector alike. People are gaining a whole new perspective on the many potential benefits that probiotics can offer.

Prebiotics are fibre that act as a food source for the ‘friendly’ bacteria and yeast known as probiotics. Probiotics are medically beneficial and can have a positive impact on health. Perhaps best known for their use in supporting gut health, they also play a key role when it comes to other systems including the central nervous system, skin and immune system.

How can Probiotics help my dog?

The benefits of Probiotics are far reaching. They can aid your dogs digestion, help boost your dogs immune system and even their mood. They can be especially useful for anxious dogs as they help to settle the gut and support cognitive function.



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