Cat Years | Do You Know How Old is Your Cat?

In this era, we can not only feed cats through purchase, but also adopt stray cats and newborn kittens.

However, there will be a problem at this time, that is, we may not know how old the cats we are feeding, after all, not all cats will have a birth date recorded.

In fact, just like the appearance of a person when he grows old, the characteristics of a cat will also change with age.

Today, the Lionpapa’s blog will tell you how to distinguish the age of cats based on their hair, teeth and paws.

Of course, this is only an approximate age and cannot be accurate to the day.

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How to determine the age of a kitten in infancy

We call this period before one year of age a cat “infancy”. The kittens in the infancy period grow very fast.

So even if the birth time of two cats is only one month apart, the appearance of the two will be very different.

Let’s talk about the kittens that were just born (two weeks after birth is a node):

  • The hair is fluffy and thin;
  • May not have opened the eyes yet;
  • Can’t hear anything;
  • Can’t excrete spontaneously;
  • Sleeping all day.

For cats two weeks after birth, their eyes will begin to open, but their ears are not very sensitive, and they will try to walk;

Therefore, if the kittens have not walked and have not opened their eyes, then they may be less than two weeks old.

Followed by kittens 1 to 2 months old:

  • Start learning to walk harder;
  • Babyteeth begin to grow when they are 1 month old;
  • Will be able to solve the problem of defecating and urinating on their own.

The most important feature of kittens in this period is the “baby teeth”. If the baby teeth begin to grow, it means they are 1 month old; if the baby teeth almost all grow out, it means the kitten is about 2 months old.



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