CBD Oil for Canine Cancer: What You Need to Know

A cancer diagnosis for your pup is serious and it’s important to understand the pros and cons of all available methods of treatment. While the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) oil as a form of medical treatment for humans is quickly becoming realized, did you know many of these same benefits apply to our four-legged friends as well? CBD for dogs is quickly becoming a part of many pet wellness routines.

CBD is a type of cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. Hemp produces multiple cannabinoids, but not all of them are psychoactive (which means that not all of them affect the brain and mood). In fact, CBD has been shown to carry multiple health benefits and is generally considered to be a safe method of treatment for your canine with cancer. We’ll provide a brief overview of canine cancer, hemp or CBD oil and its natural benefits, and how CBD oil for cancer in dogs can be used as a method of treatment.

Cancer in Dogs: A Guide

About one in three dogs will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Just like in humans, cancer can come in many forms for dogs, but there are a few that are more common. Canine lymphoma, melanoma, osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, and mammary cancer are some of the most common forms.

Cancer cells are different than normal cells in that they do not die on their own. The mutated cells continue to multiply and grow, ultimately forming different types of canine tumors. Tumors eventually grow large enough to interfere with the body’s organs. Fortunately, about half of canine cancers can be treated if they’re caught early enough and a rising method of holistic treatment is – you guessed it – CBD or hemp oil. Let’s dive more into exactly how this can be used as a method of treatment for canine cancer.



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