Cerenia For Pets 101 : Understanding Side Effects

Animals may experience vomiting and nausea just like a human being. A pet can feel just as miserable as their owner does when feeling ill. Having uncomfortable stomach pains, nausea, and vomiting and not knowing why can be painful for people as well as our beloved pets.

Vets and chemists recognized that cats and dogs should not have to suffer through vomiting and have come up with a drug called Cerenia. Cerenia is also known as Maropitant Citrate.


1. What Exactly is Cerenia? (Maropitant Citrate)
2. How Does Cerenia For Dogs Benefit Canines?
3. Motion Sickness Treated with Cerenia
4. Symptoms of Motion Sickness in Dogs
5. Are Certain Dogs Affected by Motion Sickness?
6. Other Symptoms To Watch Out For
7. Vomiting Prevention Before Surgical Appointments
8. What Are Cerenia’s Side Effects in Dogs?
9. How to Administer Cerenia for Dogs
10. Can Cats Have Cerenia?
11. Cerenia Administration For Cats
12. Cerenia Side Effects In Cats
13. What Are Alternative Treatment Options For Dogs and Cats?
14. CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats
15. CBD Oil As A Natural Alternative
16. CBD For Anxiety
17. Cerenia Does NOT Cure Acute Vomiting
18. Pet Parents and Cerenia

We will go over everything that we can find out about this medication and ensure that your pet will be able to return to their normal healthy selves. There will also be discussions about possible side effects that may be encountered and viable alternatives.

What Exactly is Cerenia? (Maropitant Citrate)

The drug Cerenia is the first and the only FDA-approved medication for veterinarians to offer cats and dogs for their vomiting and nausea as a prescription. It can also be prescribed to prevent vomiting in dogs that may happen with pets prone to motion sickness.

As a first step, we will go over the ways that Cerenia (Maropitant Citrate) can benefit your dog and then go over how they may help your cats. We will first discuss all of the ways that Cerenia may help your dog and then move on to how your feline may also benefit from Cerenia.

While Cerenia is prescribed for vomiting in cats and dogs, there are vital differences that a pet owner should take note of and understand as well as possible before making any decisions.

How Does Cerenia For Dogs Benefit Canines?

Cerenia can benefit your canine friend in a variety of circumstances that include stopping nausea and vomiting after it has begun and even prevent it from ever starting in the first place.

Motion Sickness Treated with Cerenia

Traveling with our pets is something many dog owners enjoy doing. As a matter of fact, here at Innovetpet, we understand more than most just how much people love to bring their furry friends along on flights or car rides as we have done so ourselves.

The sad truth is that there are some pets that just do not enjoy traveling one bit. As a matter of fact, studies have demonstrated that an estimated one in five dogs suffers from motion sickness.

If your pet gets motion sickness, your veterinarian may prescribe Cerenia for dogs to alleviate vomiting and nausea from travel or even to prevent it from starting in the first place.

Symptoms of Motion Sickness in Dogs

We know that dogs aren’t able to tell us if they are sick with words. Most pet owners only suspect that their dogs are afflicted with motion sickness after they have thrown up in the vehicle.

However, there are some signs and symptoms to look for when traveling with your pet that may help you in figuring out if there is motion sickness involved.

Excessive Drooling

If you notice that your dog is suffering from excessive drooling on a trip, then it is likely they are experiencing motion sickness. However, some dogs can begin the drooling before the vehicle or plane starts moving.

This is because they may sense that they are about to travel and know what is happening.

Of course, the most obvious symptom of motion sickness is vomiting. Many pet owners feel that if they withhold food before a car ride, they can eliminate the possibility of this motion sickness symptom.

However, vomiting can even occur on an empty stomach.

Furthermore, vomiting is certainly not the only sign of motion sickness.



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