Choline Chloride In Dog Food

If your dog is otherwise healthy and is not showing any signs of choline deficiency, you should still consider adding choline to their diet. Top off their food with high choline foods like peas or broccoli. You can even sprinkle a little flaxseed on their kibble, or mix in an egg for extra choline.

High-quality dog food can provide a good source of choline for your dog. Curious about the choline content of your dog’s food? Carefully read the dog food label. Look for a dog food made with whole ingredients that are high in choline.

There is nothing wrong with added choline chloride on the dog food label. Even choline rich foods can lose some of their content in the cooking process. Choline chloride on the label is added choline, which will help ensure the food has enough of the nutrient to maximize its benefits for your dog.



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