Cost-Effective Ways to Maintain the Clean Home You Love as a Pet Owner

No one needs to tell you how awesome it is to have a pet in your life. Pets add companionship, joy, and purpose, and life is simply better with them in it. However, no one needs to tell you how challenging it can be to keep a clean home when you have pets, either. It seems like as you clean up a mess or reorder household items that are in disarray, pets have an impressive ability to do it all again in a matter of minutes.

But here’s the good news: by being proactive, you can keep a clean home and enjoy the benefits of having a pet at the same time. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or both, check out these simple, cost-effective tips for maintaining a clean and tidy home.

Have cleaning supplies ready

The sooner you clean a pet mess, the better. As urine and feces settle—whether it’s on hardwoods, carpet or fabric—it becomes harder to remove stains and odors. Having cleaning supplies at the ready will make things much easier when you’re selling a home as well. That way, you won’t have to scramble when you need to clean up the space before a showing.

In order to quickly clean pet messes, however, you need to make sure you have the right cleaning supplies on hand. To stretch your pennies and have more to spend on your furry friend, shop with big retailers like Target or Walmart.

Rework their feeding station

If your pet’s feeding station is constantly a mess, try to reduce food and water spills by looking into equipment such as an automatic feeder. This device will only distribute the specified amount of food into the bowl, decreasing the likelihood of kibbles being strawn about the surrounding area (and entire house).

Another thing that can help keep your pet’s cleaning station clean is to place a towel or mat under their water bowl. That way, water and food spillage is contained instead of sitting on the floor and spreading bacteria throughout the home. Moreover, VetStreet recommends washing your pet’s food bowl after each meal and their water bowl once a day.

Clean and groom them regularly

The cleaner your dog or cat is, the cleaner your home will be. If your pet sheds a lot and/or has long fur, be sure to brush them out at least every few days. Also, keep their nails clipped to reduce the amount of dirt and other debris brought in from outside.

Depending on your dog’s breed and the time they spend outdoors, try to bathe them routinely; the AKC says to aim for keeping your dog clean enough to be “huggable,” so when the stink factor or dirt is overwhelming, lather up!

Even though cats groom and clean themselves, according to The Spruce, it can still benefit your feline to give them a bath periodically. Bathing your cat also helps to reduce the amount of dander and fur that sheds and spreads throughout the home.



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