Dietary Supplements

Written by Veterinary Dr Linda Simon

Many of our customers will ask us how dietary supplements could benefit their dog and if they are necessary when the dog is already being fed a complete diet. For the majority of dogs out there who are fed on nutritionally balanced diets, at least one of type of supplement will benefit their health in the long run.

Think of it this way: To make a hot chocolate, you only need cocoa and milk. However, if you add chocolate sprinkles, a flake and whipped cream, you’ve made a far superior drink (at least in this author’s opinion!). While a dog food can contain all of the necessary nutrients for a dog to survive, the supplement is what can make them thrive and live to their full potential.

Supplements provide us with the opportunity to tailor our dog’s diet to their specific needs and provide them with the key ingredients that they as individuals need to lead their healthiest life. Supplements should generally be given long-term in order for dogs to reap the full benefits and giving them for just a few weeks is unlikely to make much of a change.



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