Do French Bulldogs Bark a Lot? How to Curb Chatty Behavior

There are plenty of good reasons to consider a dog’s noise level before you decide to adopt. Maybe you live in an apartment complex and don’t want to disturb your neighbors. Maybe you work at home and don’t want constant barking to interrupt your video calls. Maybe you simply appreciate your peace and quiet.

If you’re thinking of adding a French bulldog to your family, you may be wondering: Do French bulldogs bark a lot? Or are they generally quiet dogs?

The answer isn’t a simple yes or no, unfortunately. The truth is that all dogs are different, and a variety of things could cause your dog to bark regardless of breed. Let’s examine the Frenchie’s vocal tendencies in more detail and find out why your dog barks and what you can do to keep the noise to a minimum.

Do French Bulldogs Bark a Lot?

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot: French Bulldog smiling at the camera

Many small dogs have a reputation for yapping. In some cases, it’s warranted — many small dogs are frequent barkers. What about the Frenchie, though? Do French bulldogs bark a lot?

Generally speaking, the French bulldog is not considered a heavy barker. Most Frenchies bark only occasionally, although it’s important to note that barking habits depend more on the dog and their circumstances than their breed. But it’s safe to say that the French bulldog isn’t known for its bark.

Even though your French bulldog may not bark a lot, they’ll likely make other noises including sneezes, snuffles, and snorts. That’s because the French bulldog is a brachycephalic breed; these breeds have short snouts, squashed faces, and bulging eyes.

Brachycephalic dogs don’t have very efficient respiratory systems, and their labored breathing can sometimes be quite noisy. (These dogs are known for their adorable snores.) Reverse sneezing is also more common in brachycephalic dogs like the Frenchie.

Why Do French Bulldogs Bark?

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot: French Bulldog lying on the floor

As far as dog breeds go, the French bulldog is not usually a dog that barks a lot. But they do bark sometimes, just like any dog.

So, why does your French bulldog bark?

Territorial Behavior

Your Frenchie, or any dog for that matter, may bark when someone is at your front door, or when they see another dog on a walk. This is territorial behavior — your dog is attempting to protect you.

Asking for Attention

Do French bulldogs bark a lot when they want something? Yes, like any breed, the Frenchie may bark at you when they want your attention. They might want to play, cuddle, eat, or go potty.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common reasons for excessive barking in Frenchies. Like any companion dog, Frenchies are social creatures who create strong bonds with their humans. This means it’s easy for them to develop separation anxiety when they’re away from their owners for longer than they can tolerate.

A French bulldog with separation anxiety will experience extreme distress when they’re alone, and in severe cases, they could express this through excessive barking and potentially other behaviors.



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