Dog Glaucoma Home Remedies

Dog care may not be an easy task for many pet owners. When their beloved pet gets a strange disease like glaucoma, they find themselves wondering what they should do next. Fortunately, there are several sites and veterinarians available online to help dog lovers across the globe.

Glaucoma is a common eye disease that affects senior dogs, and it’s responsible for discoloration or cloudiness of eyes. If left unmanaged can lead to loss of vision; therefore, it is recommended to provide adequate care during the earlier stage to reduce the progression of the disease.

Glaucoma in dogs is generally characterized by the formation of a cloud-like substance in front of the eyes. Usually, this eye disorder is seen in older dogs, and symptoms can vary from one dog to another.

Generally, the cloudy substance can give rise to vision loss or blurry vision, depending on the severity of the problem. Frequent blinking of the eyelids is found to be a common or early symptom of glaucoma.

This can also happen from the blockage of blood vessels in the eyes due to the accumulation of dirt. Dirt accumulation and obstructed eye blood vessels can be treated by using eye drops and through intricate surgical procedures.

Also check for discharge in your dog’s eyes. This can be a sign of anything from allergies to something more serious, like glaucoma.

Generally, glaucoma in dogs can be classified into types like primary and secondary. Primary glaucoma is genetics and occurs from birth. Secondary glaucoma is where the disorder occurs as a result of obstructed blood vessels characterized by a cloudy substance in front of the pupils.

Low or poor response of the pupil to light is another symptom shown as a result of glaucoma. At times, pupils are also seen as dilated because of the presence of pressure in the eyes. The formation of glaucoma in the eyes is generally due to the excessive build-up of pressure in the eyes. With that in mind, it’s vital to reduce the pressure in the eyes through various natural remedies.

At times, additional home remedies are found to be very beneficial to overcome the difficulties of glaucoma in dogs. Here are some recommended home remedies that can save your dog from blurry vision or loss of vision.

The inclusion of carotene concentrated food in the diet is found to be very useful to treat a wide range of health issues like glaucoma and poor vision. Adding boiled spinach leaves in the dog food is a highly recommended home remedy to improve eyesight and relieve the risk of glaucoma. Spinach leaf is found to be equipped with a high concentration of iron and carotene compounds.

Vitamin A concentration in food sources can naturally enhance your four-legged companion’s vision. Vitamin A supplements can be found online to promote body health to achieve the best result; therefore, feel free to select the best product from a reliable manufacturing company.

Fennel seeds are found to be enriched with a variety of health benefits. If you want the best result, it is recommended to use an eyewash made with fennel seeds soaked in water. Fennel seed water can act as a natural remedy to alleviate aches and pain from the eye disorder. Carrots, enriched with carotenoids, can work as a safe home remedy to improve vision.

The best way to promote the natural health of the eyes, feel free to add carrot chops in soups or to Fido’s food. In addition to improving vision, carrots can also enhance skin health. A low level of Vitamin C in the body is found to be a leading cause of poor vision.



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