Dog Nutrition with Ronny LeJeune

It’s difficult to keep up with our pets’ dietary needs as they change with age, allergies, illness, or even just changing tastes. It’s even more difficult for pet parents to be sure that what they are feeding their pets won’t end up harming their pets. In this episode of Your Natural Dog, we’re joined by Ronny LeJeune, owner of Perfectly Rawsome, an amazing resource empowering pet parents to provide a home prepared raw diet for their dogs and cats. She joins us to discuss dog nutrition, sourcing the right nutrients and supplements, and the benefits of a homemade diet for pets.

Episode Recap:

  • Sourcing Essential Nutrients
  • Pet Food Industry & HPP
  • Paying for convenience
  • Batch Prepping
  • Sourcing omega 3 fatty acids
  • Algae oil is a great omega-3 source
  • What are some of the most common problems you see with dogs?



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