Dog poo – What it can tell you about dog health

While we may not like to talk about it, everybody poos! This, of course, includes our trustworthy canine companions. In fact, many owners are quite familiar with their fluffy friends’ stools, thanks to the fact that they are the ones picking them up and disposing of them on every walk. While ‘poo patrol’ may seem like a thankless task, it can actually provide some invaluable insight into our dogs’ overall health.


A normal dog poo should be solid in consistency so that you can pick it up cleanly off the ground without it becoming stuck or leaving a portion behind. Liquid poo is known as ‘diarrhoea’ and tells us that too much water is being lost via the digestive tract. However, it should not be rock hard or difficult to pass either. It should be easily ‘squished’ within the poo bag after being picked up; think of bread dough before it has been baked!

While the odd irregular poo may not be a big concern, when the issue is consistent, we should take a closer look at things.

A change in consistency can have a number of causes.



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